Naming the Real Monsters


At the New Statesman, Juliet Jacques with one of the best, distilled and concise pieces I’ve seen setting out point-by-point who the media monsters are and the evil that they perpetrate; here is but one:

2. Transphobia cuts across left/liberal and conservative media

Transphobia in left/liberal media tends to come, still, from this radical feminist perspective, tending to attack trans people as a category. Conservative pundits seem to focus more on isolating trans people in apparently “public” roles, undermining their identities by exposing details about their pre-transitional lives. I won’t link to individual examples, butTrans Media Watch’s initial submission to the Leveson Inquiry (pdf) provides plenty of evidence.

The media ’monstering’ of trans people…

where Rupert Murdoch and radphlegms look (and sound) a lot alike.

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