McLaurin Apologizes for “Circus Freak” Comment

I received this from Mark  McLaurin this morning:

“As an advocate and activist with a fifteen year history of working for equality in the LGBT community, I know that words not only matter, but they are powerful.  Last week, I carelessly used a pejorative phrase in an online argument that is insulting and hurtful.  While my intent was not to refer to Transgender people, as a community, that way, I now recognize that what I intended is not important- what matters is how people felt when they read it.   At this time, I want to offer my most profound apology to anyone who subsequently read what I typed, it is not a reflection of the regard I have or the support I’ve given throughout my life to the fight for justice for the Transgender community.  My commitment is to use this episode to fuel my continued work to advance our collective vision of a more socially Just society.  I am hopeful that my apology can begin the process of healing that will let us get back to that fight !”