May 2013 Polling Results

This month we asked our readers, “If you’re transitioning and had to pick just one, what would you say is the goal of your transition?” and here are the results:


May 2013 polling results
May 2013 polling results

Well over 300 of you (n=388) of you chose to add your voice and the good news is that apparently the vast majority of you are quite well adjusted folk (though the rest of you need to get to your therapist ASAP)!

Interestingly 90% of you answered in a way that contradicts the fringe trans theories of Ray Blanchard, Michael Bailey and Anne Lawrence (but with the amount of special pleading they do, I’m sure they should make the data fit their views somehow). The rest of you (about 10%) need help. Like, now. Get thee to a therapist!

A smidge over 3% of you seem to think that transition is about appeasing sexist stereotypes. A little over 4% of you are destined for the rude awakening of discovering that transition has more to do with the inside work than you ever dreamed.  As to the 3 of you who think that transition is about being a sexy bed partner, all I have to say is… Ray Blanchard, Michael Bailey and Anne Lawrence, quit messing with TransAdvocate surveys!

Thanks to all of you who were good sports and added your voice to this month’s poll question! If you have suggestions for future polling questions, please add them in the comment section below.