Fri & Sun: Trans, Intersex, NB Scholarship Movie Nights!

September 18, 2020 ·

Join the TransAdvocate in supporting trans, intersex, and non-binary scholarship with the dual presentation of the indie film, Queen of Cups.

Showing for two nights, this streaming movie Zoom event will feature Q&As by the film’s director Sharon Ferranti:

Trailer for The Queen of Cups, an independent film by Sharon Ferranti.

Queen of Cups is a story about the arrival of a mysterious beauty to a small Southern town. Vera Mae, the town matriarch, stands alone against a wave of right-wing bigotry fueled by the local preacher. She is determined to protect Renee, the newcomer, and Cody, a gay psychic from the preacher’s wrath. But her quest may cost her everything.

A ticket for the Friday night show and Q&A is $10 while the Sunday show and Q&A is a “pay what you like” ticket.

Proceeds benefit the HTUC Peggy Rudd Trans Scholarship Fund, which has supported community scholarship for the past 15 years.

Alexis Melvin, President of the Transgender Foundation of America, the organization that administers the Scholarship Fund said, “Since 2005 we have supported members of our community with scholarships. Proceeds from our movie night ticket sales and donations will add to our ability to continue these scholarships.”

Tickets are available below:

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