Crowing Over Progress

March 6, 2012 ·

Well, TS Separatists have warned us for years that progress will never be seen under the rubric of the transgender borg. The time has come for me to admit that the Separatists were right about it all! I’m so ashamed! After all of this time and effort… we’ve changed nothing… nada. We’ve made no progress at all! They were right all along!

Just kidding! The Separatists have been and continue to be proven wrong about just about every single meme they’ve hysterically pushed. The newest blow to Separatist prognostications of doom is that – as of today – it’s now “illegal” for HUD-funded shelters, loan officers and housing providers to discriminate against “transgender” people. Isn’t that just a huge bummer for the Separatists? Even worse, HUD is now asserting that “transgender” people are covered under national fair housing laws which prohibit discrimination based upon “sex!”

Slide from HUD powerpoint

All of this is on top of the fact that the EEOC is now protecting “transgender” people under Title VII protections, the VA moved to ensure that all “transgender” vets received care and now allow “transgender” folks to change their sex on their records with a simple letter – no court order needed and we can’t forget that we can also deduct transition costs from our taxes again!

HUD Website

I should also note that on the same day that trans HUD protections went into effect, the AP reported that President Obama was cared for – for a few years as a child – by a non-op transgender woman:

AP News

It’s not a good day to be a Separatists. It’s almost as if it’s come to light that all of that hyperbole, bullying and fear mongering was just a lot of hot air. Imagine that!

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