You Tell Me What The (Only) Real Agenda Is, Pts. 1 and 2

[Kat’s note for the combined post: Even these long-dead kitties can see that something is not as the official gay mouthpieces of 2011 assert it to be.]

Seen on the front page of Queer Channel Media a wee bit after midnight on Friday, Feb. 18:

Got to have the gender-bending gay choreographer, eh?

But substantive, contextual discussion of what the usual gay suspects are trying to get away with in Maryland….?

Where is that in Gay, Inc., ‘news’papers?

Where is that in InsidersOut blogs?

Oh, sure, there’s touchy-feely religio-babble subterfuge (with a patented Laurel “Lurleen Blogovitch” Ramseyer byline no less) designed to confuse real people into thinking that the neo-Brennans and, for that matter, the orginal one:

(without whom there would scarcely be a need to ask anything about any form of trans-specific bill in 2011 because the 2001 law would have preempted such need) give a shit about anything other than being able to get more of what they want in order to pad their bottom lines (and, of course, protect them from tax bites) at the cost of what trans people need in order to live.

Gotta have that, right?

That ‘Maryland is a discrimination-free zone’: TNG press release countdown is underway.

And now, our moment of zen – one that InsidersOut blogs either will not analyze, will shunt into internal blog oblivion (once, twice or maybe even three times), or will simply morph into a nausea-inducing episode of ‘isn’t religion wonderful.’

On the morning of Feb. 18, 2011, some people gots this:

And some other(ed) people gots this:

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