Washington Post Gets in the Act of Being Scrivener for ‘Equality’ Maryland’s Trans-Othering Narrative of Deception

April 8, 2011 ·

According to an unsigned WaPo editorial, Maryland:

passed a law banning discrimination against gay people a decade ago, but transgender individuals were dropped from the legislation. Since then, attempts to repair that have failed at least four times in Annapolis, even as other states extended legal protections. Now it’s time for Maryland to do the right thing for a beleaguered minority that’s been abused and ignored for too long.

Which means that Maryland’s senators should either amend HB235 to where it actually “do[es] the right thing” with respect to what was done to trans people by Maryland’s gays a decade ago or kill HB235.

Apparently the author of the piece (Jonathan Capehart perhaps?) found no irony in implicly stating that in 2001 it was wrong to drop trans people from a public accommodations-inclusive gay rights bill only one paragraph after parenthetically noting of the 2011 travesty: “Another provision that would have banned restaurants, hotels and shopping malls from refusing service to transgender individuals was dropped by the bill’s sponsors in order to ease the bill’s passage in the House.”

Uh huh…

And enforcement of the Fourteenth Amendment was dropped in order to ease Rutherford B. Hayes into the White House.

We see how well that turned out – eh, Anonathan?

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