The Transadvocate Video Podcast – 1/23/09

Today I’m starting a new feature to the site, it’s a video podcast of the The Transadvocate. I’m testing this out, but tentatively I’ll be doing it live at 1pm Eastern/12pm Central every Tuesday through Friday. Below is the Ustream archive of the show:

The stories on this page are as follows:

Repeal of India’s Sodomy Law

Bolivia’s New Constitutional Referendum Set For January 25

Hate crimes in Montana
Emotions run high at hate-crime bill hearing

Refusing to be classified

Hear the audio interview played on the show here.

Calling ALL Trangender Individuals Now Casting

Are drag queens the new supermodels?

Antony Hegarty’s new album is a masterpiece with a green message

if you want to buy Antony’s new album, you can find it here.