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My MTF daughter: An ordinary life with an extraordinary girl

August 4, 2013 路

For some reason or another, my blog has become less personal over the last few years. I鈥檝e shared stories, news, videos and pictures, but nothing that is really personal鈥攆rom the uberscribbling heart鈥攕o to speak.聽 That鈥檚 about to change. The uberscribbler is more than just an author, public speaker and social media junkie.聽 There are more stories to share, things that need to be said, and thoughts that I need to send out to the universe via the world-wide web. And… Read more.

Counting the Cost

February 27, 2008 路

If my previous post seemed a little scattered and emotional, there's a reason for it.聽 The first trans community function I ever attended was a TDoR function, as was聽the first event I ever MCed outside a support group.聽 聽I've been sensitive to transphobic violence at every step, and my own transition began with violence.聽 But seeing聽the settings for it聽shift to schools was not something I was prepared for. At or around November 20th of every year, the transgender community commemorates a day of remembrance (TDoR)聽for transgender folk who have died as a result of transphobic or homophobic violence.聽 Since that memorial, fifteen more homicides involving transgender victims have occurred: Read more.

“Sometimes, We Just Have to Pay Full Price.”

February 21, 2008 路

My partner is a nut about sales. If it isn't on sale, it doesn't get purchased. So sometimes, when we run out of a breakfast staple and such, I have to remind her of that basic fact of life: "sometimes, we just have to pay full price." And then, the phrase comes back to haunt me. This usually happens around the evenings, these days. She's been talking about returning to work in a capacity which would take her out to job sites with contractors and crew, some of whom could know from her previous 20 years of work in that trade that she is trans. And I've been having troubling dreams about both that and my own job, where I've been back for several months with no trouble beyond the occasional rude exchange, and now all of a sudden I'm dreaming repetitively about getting shot in the head. The latter is not something I'm actually afraid of during the light of day, so I'm wondering what is bringing this all on. Am I sensing something nasty coming, or am I just reading the trans-related news way too much? And that's when that dirty little voice says to me, "sometimes, we just have to pay full price." And that's when I start thinking about how far we've come... or haven't as the case may be. The first GRS surgeries were performed in the 1940s, and with the rise of Nazi Germany and its pogroms, the invention of "stealth" soon followed. We've been in hiding ever since. Don't get me wrong -- I'm on record as defending a woman's and man's right to go stealth if they feel it's best for them. We earn that. But the wholesale movement toward stealth -- the lack of barely anybody to stay behind and educate the masses -- has meant that we've only made small strides during that time. The first known piece of trans-inclusive legislation didn't happen until 1993, and most of those strides have been since then. And without adult transfolk there to lay that groundwork, a crisis has developed. Because now it is children on the front lines. Read more.

Hatred Poured Out On Our Children

February 16, 2008 路

Over the last few days since it was learned that an 8 year old is transitioning at a school in Colorado, quite a few blogs have been pretty ugly about it. I wrote about some of these blogs on the post Targeted Families, Targeted Lives. Last night I learned that a 10 year old, Cameron McWilliams, committed suicide. Cameron had asked for permission to wear make-up, and been teased after he was found wearing his half-sister's undergarments. His mother said… Read more.

R We Family?

July 24, 2007 路

I've been home a little over a week from my vacation on the R Family Vacation summer cruise to the Bahamas. I've had a week to sit back and reflect on the trip. For those that don't know, R Family Vacations is the brainchild of Gregg Kaminsky and Kelli O鈥橠onnell. It's billed as a cruise for GLBT families. From the R Family Vacation website: R Family Vacations is truly the most inclusive GLBT vacation offered. All of our vacations are… Read more.


February 25, 2007 路

is what life is for a transgender youth that can't come out. Hell, as a child I wouldn't even think about it, lest someone peer into my thoughts. I wore masculinity as my shield to keep others from hurting me. I ended up trusting no one and living a life that was very lonesome, even when surrounded by others. I wish the support todays youth has would have been around when I was a child. It would have saved me… Read more.