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See this trans advocate hip-hop video

in Cristan Williams/History

As previewed in the last TransAdvocate podcast, the hip-hop artist known as MIC created an amazing tune about the TransAdvocate, trans advocacy in the US, and the radical feminists who bravely stood by their trans siblings (in the face of sex essentialist violence and attempted murder) and helped inform what became known as “trans advocacy”…

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Is Singer Neko Case Transgender? Maybe Not But She Is The Man

in Kelli Busey

“I’m a man, that’s what you raised me to be / I’m not your identity crisis, this was planned,” she sings. “If I’m dipshit drunk on pink perfume* then I am the man in the fucking moon, because you didn’t know what a man was until I showed you.”hitfix.com  Neko Case indie country singer and…

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Summer Songs that helped us Survive

in Opinion

When I was Stone Blue … Rock and Roll sure helped me through …. Warning beforehand, this is a fluff-piece – you’ll have to excuse me. Actually, a little of this can be blamed on Verizon commercials. What originally inspired this was the return of typical south Texas summer heat in all its oppressively humid…

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