TA Photo Gallery

The following are images of TransAdovcate members doing what that do best: raising hell and doing good:

Speaking Out on “Bathroom Bills”

The TransAdvocate protesting Texas “bathroom bills” at the state capital building:


Abortion Clinic Defense

The TransAdvocate and NOW are #ProTransProChoice

Target Counter-Protests

Protesting the Pacific Justice Institute

PJI thought they could target a 16 year old trans girl, lie about her, and the nation would hate trans kids. They were wrong.

HIV Prevention and Care Policy Work

Oppressed communities suffer a higher burden of HIV and the trans community is no different. We’ve therefore spent over a decade working on ensuring that HIV prevention and care policy is trans inclusive.


The Rebecca’s Army MC is a queer/allied motorcycle group that focuses on mixing their riding with advocacy. Many of the TransAdvocate Writers Collective members are also RAMC members. The TransAdvocate sponsors RAMC advocacy work and vice versa.