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November 4, 2005 ·

I wrote the following post to an Indy listserv in response to a misunderstanding about our local advocacy group, Indiana Equality

ever since you posted about the fact that there was never going to be a protest of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), something dawned on me.

HRC should be protested/shunned, but not because of the location of their “Meet and Greet.” HRC’s recently decided not join in on a letter of support signed by more than 40 of Washington D.C.’s top national organizations. This letter was sent to Senator Kennedy’s office requesting that he introduce the fully inclusive House version of the Hate Crimes bill as an add on to the child safety act. The letter was meant to show unity and strength but with HRC’s refusal it to sign it shows HRC’s weak commitment to transgender Americans.

It is my belief that HRC and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) did launch the “Transgender Equality Campaign” to thwart any negative response to this fact. Two things about this move are obvious.

1. This ad campaign is meant to educate national legislators about transgenders. Quite a few of these legislators meet transgender folks twice a year. Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GenderPAC) and The National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC) both sponsor trans lobby days where these legislators meet real transgender folks and hear first hand the perspective of a transperson. Many in Congress (including a few Republicans) have pledged not to discriminate in their office hiring practice (Much as Indiana’s Republican Governor Mitch Daniels has).

2. This campaign is focused on ENDA (The Employment Non-Discrimination Act). There is no way in hell that ENDA will see a vote with a Republican Congress. Mara Keisling (executive director of NCTE) said “What are the prospects for passing ENDA? Zero. As to whether we may lose co-sponsors, we may. But I don’t know if that will really matter. There are people who don’t come through for us on a number of bills. So we will use this to educate our friends.” Hell, when ENDA comes up for a vote it will be with a different set of legislators.

As a member of Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance (INTRAA), I find it hard to understand why anyone involved with INTRAA would support HRC. With the coming of the Transgender Day of Rememberance (TDOR) on November 19th (here locally). It’s unbelievable that INTRAA or Indiana Equality would support an organization that won’t support transgender people. We fight for hate crimes inclusion for the same reason we have the TDOR. It is a way to insure that transgender victims are not forgotten.

No wonder I’m paranoid about a transless Prop 68 (Human Rights Ordinance)….

Marti Abernathey

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