So…The Marriage Derangement Syndrome-Oids Don’t Have To Take Responsibility For Anything?

From Joe at The John’s site:

Opponents of same-sex marriage have created a three-pronged effort that insures the issue will be a key topic in the Presidential election. There are efforts underway by Republicans legislators in Iowa, the first caucus state, and New Hampshire, the first primary state, to end their existing marriage laws. In Iowa, the GOP-controlled House has begun the process of passing a bill to put a ban on the ballot. In New Hampshire, both the House and Senate are now GOP-led and they could try to repeal the law later this year or in 2012. In Congress, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) indicated that he’s going to push legislation to block DC’s marriage law.

It’s like an anti-marriage perfect storm. These efforts guarantee that the GOP presidential candidates (except, of course, Fred Karger) who are traipsing through Iowa and New Hampshire will try to burnish their right-wing cred by engaging in the usual gay-bashing. And, the effort by GOPers in Congress adds fuel to the fire. We’ve already seen potential Republican candidates, Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum, groveling before the haters. We can expect a lot more of that. And, just wait til the debates start. The GOP candidates will be doing contortions to show their base just how much they hate the gays.

Now, there’s something different about all three of the anti-gay efforts in DC, NH and Iowa. In each, it isn’t about preventing same-sex marriage. In those three jurisdictions, the homophobes are trying to take rights away from citizens. That should put these battles into a different light. If they can come for our rights, they can (and will) come for the rights of others.

In all three legislative bodies, Republicans vowed to create jobs and focus on the economy. But, they just can’t control their homophobia.

I have an idea: How about asking gay people to control their greed? 

Too much to ask?

How about them abstaining from uttering the word “marriage” until all of the gay-only laws that they conned legislatures into passing get rectified to get rid of their special right to discriminate against trans people?

Too much to ask?

How about asking them to STFU on gay marriage for a while given the lengthy, unquiestionable track record of it being used to scare sheeple into voting for christianist Republicans who claim that they give a damn about the American economy but, in actuality, are doing everything possible to do to the American economy what Sherman did to Atlanta – all while angling to saddle us peons who will be left behind in post-Constitution America with a neo-Puritan dictatorship?

Too much to ask?

How about getting your heads out of your stockbrokers’ asses long enough to realize what the fuck you’re actually doing to prospects for the elements of equality that working-class LGBs (much less Ts) actually need?

Too much to ask?

That’s what I tought.

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