SEIU Political Director and Progressive Maryland Board Member Calls Trans People “Circus Freaks”

I’ve seen vitriol spewed in my decade or so of transactivism, but it’s usually spewed most venomously by the right wing. SEIU Political Director Mark McLaurin spewed this vitriolic chain of transphobic/mysogynistic/hateful comments on Dana Beyer’s Facebook page concerning TransMaryland/TransUnited/Out of state supporters of fixing or killing HB235.

“Ohhhhh so it wasn’t spineless lawmakers who killed the bill but rather your uncannily strategic merry band of out of state circus freaks who, heretofore havent been able to organize anything more complex than a Sunday brunch at the local Denny’s ????? Now THAT is funny !!!!! Looooooooool !!!!!”


“How dare you take credit for killing a bill many of us poured our blood, sweat and tears into- the trash u smell is coming out of your mouth, Einstein !!!”

Really, who cares who killed the bill? Instead of calling those who supported a STRONGER BILL “circus freaks”, a true advocate would try to build bridges at this time (not spewing this kind of hatred).  What does this ugly bickering accomplish? Push the two sides further apart?

Barbara Siperstein said it perfectly:

“I’m glad to see that you all work together and play nice! It’s a key to success!… Pardon my sarcasm, but no-one has any reason to celebrate until you pass fully inclusive legislation and that means working together.”