Michael Bailey and Alice Dreger Are Up For GLAAD Awards For Television Screenwriting For Their Work On The Jan. 29, 2011, Edition of Saturday Night Live

Well, I can’t say for certain that Bailey and Dreger wrote this bit (after all, it could have been Cathy Brennan and Shannon Avery for all I know – or maybe a menage a transphobique combining their ‘talents’ with those of Israel Luna.)


However, I can say for certain that the Bailey-Dreger Axis pre-legitimized it.

I feel oh so certain that an amount of blog activity at least equal to that complaining about the $2,500 that the government is trying to extract from Dan Choi will be expended to call out whoever did come up with this pile of St. Barney’s wet dream jizz and managed to get it on national television.

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