It’s The Post That Never Ends

It’s such an amazing thing, the transformation of Once a blog of my personal opinions and beliefs, TA has become everything I ever envisioned it to be when I first purchased the domain on March 1st, 2002. There is enough traffic here that many times a good discussion happens without me commenting. is slowly becoming more about community, and less about me. Transadvocate/ blogger, Autumn Sandeen has amazed me with her thoughtful and in depth posts.

That being said, one post on the TA main page won’t seem to die. The post in question is about radical feminism views transgender people. Frankly, the comments in this thread is why I love this space. People are respected, opinions are discussed, and hopefully we all walk away wiser (at the very least, I can say I do).

So in a salute to the post that never ends, I’ve created a mash of two different versions of “The Song That Never Ends.” Enjoy.