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I'm an academic and scaler of boundary walls, intersex by birth, female-reared, legally transitioned to male status, and pleased with my trajectory. Come journey with me! I blog about intersex issues at the Intersex Roadshow, and about trans issues atTrans-Fusion. If you are interested in contacting me or having me speak to your organization, please email

Trump set to abolish intersex people

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A memo was recently leaked from the Department of Health and Human Services. In it, the HHS defines sex as a binary determined by chromosomes (presumed to come in only two forms, XX or XY), and states that sex cannot be changed. The memo has caused outrage because its goal is to define gender transition out…

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When #MeToo Celebrities Fail Trans Women

in Cary Costello/Opinion/Politics

If celebrities are going to profit off of being the figureheads for our collective traumas, then we have the right to demand they do it right. Trans people are sexually victimized at a sadly high rate. All victims of sexual harms deserve to be respected and represented by those treated as the spokespeople of the #MeToo movement.…

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