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Ask Matt: On Looking Male

in Advice/Matt Kailey

Today we have a couple of letter related to “male” appearance and expression. I now turn it over to the writers. A reader writes: “I was looking back on an old post where you stated trans guys all ‘pass’ after x amount of time on testosterone. “I have now been on T seven years. I…

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Being Trans Affects Everything

in Featured/Monica Roberts/Opinion

It’s not a lifestyle (and I hate that conservaterm).  When you swallow those hormones or take those first shots of testosterone or estrogen, it causes seismic shifts in your life that mere cis people can’t begin to comprehend. But if we’re going to gain trans human rights coverage and make transphobia as unpalatable as racism,…

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Not Quite Another One…

in Featured/Zoe Brain

Girl is born looking like a Boy. She tries to be a Boy. Fails, but can fake it well. She has to to try to have some kind of normal life. Later, she finds out her body isn’t as male as everyone (including her) thought. She’s in-between, so can live as the woman she always…

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Dear Dr. Zucker, We Are Not an Experiment

in Featured/Jennifer Carr

After finally hearing Dr. Zucker’s comments on the CBC Radio show I participated in that aired this past Monday, I had to sit and reflect. Dr. Zucker referred to us (parents of gender diverse children and the children themselves) as a “social experiment”. That doesn’t feel right, at all. He also called us a social movement,…

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From a Deep, Deep Sleep

in Jennifer Carr

Yawwwwn. As you might have noticed I took a tiny writing hiatus for the holidays so that I could mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally step back and just observe. I’d love to share some revelations with you. Some epiphanies are big and need a little explaining. Some are silly. All of them sunk into my…

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‘Mom, I Just Can’t Take the Crying’

in Featured/Matt Kailey

When my nephew was about four or five, his best friend was a little girl of the same age. My sister and the girl’s mother were friends, so the two kids grew up together. My nephew was and is a sensitive child in many ways. He has always shared his toys, stopped to help other…

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