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Privacy For All announces Bathroom Bounty Bill initiative signature drive

in Autumn Sandeen/Politics

On Friday, July 10, 2015, the Privacy For All coalition announced in an email entitled “The Naked Facts” the kick off of the California Secretary of State named Limits On The Use Of Facilities In Government Facilities And Businesses initiative, previously referred to as the Personal Privacy Protection Act by their coalition, and similar versions…

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I’m Trans, and I Don’t Like or Use the Trans Flag

in Marti Abernathey/Opinion

Facebook recently came out with a way to “rainbowify” your Facebook icon to show support for the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality. Soon after, a way to “celebrate trans pride” was also released. Recently a friend of mine, Shadi Petosky, posted on Facebook something that expressed my feelings about the trans flag perfectly: “I’ll…

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In Case You Missed it, Hillary Clinton Can’t Say Transgender

in Marti Abernathey/Politics

I’m not sure why the Hillary Clinton campaign is sending me their LGBT related emails (I’ve never solicited this), but it seems as if I’ve been put on her press list. Today I received this: It’s an email from the Clinton campaign, reminding us that Clinton is the candidate best suited to tackle “LGBT” rights.…

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A trans advocate’s perspective on Trans 101 questions

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Sometime back, a reporter asked me some Trans 101 questions. I decided to publish that Q&A as a trans advocate’s nuanced perspective on Trans 101 questions. What does “transgender” mean? Much like queer, there are a lot of ways to be trans. For folks with minimal contact with the trans community, transgender and transsexual will mean…

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in Guest Transadvocate

Cianán is a lapsed Ph.D. chemist, writer, public speaker, trainer, activist, and assessment expert whose interests in activism are transmasculine representation in global trans activism and development of the public concept of trans folks as complete people with lives, identities, and desires beyond simply being trans. As a gay trans man, his personal interests also…

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Equivocation And Lies In Lisa Vogel’s August 18th Statement

in Autumn Sandeen/Fact Checking

(Added emphasis to specific statements by Lisa Vogel and/or official MichFest press releases and documents is added throughout the piece with bolded orange text.) Lisa Vogel posted an official Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (MichFest) statement on her Facebook page on August 18th, 2014. The statement is in regards to MichFest and the long-running womyn-born-womyn policy/intention…

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