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Candidate for Bangkok Governor Releases Ad Targeting GLB and Especially T Voters

in Cristan Williams/Politics

Pongsapat Pongcharoen is a US-educated Thai police general who running for the office of Bangkok’s governor. Our modern world increasingly accepts varied genders… Bangkok must be a city that understands sexual differences, not just accepting different lifestyles … it must be a friend to every difference. And you know what? Pongcharoen is currently the favorite to…

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Thai Army Ordered By Court To Halt Problematic Trans Classification

in Featured/Monica Roberts

I talked about this issue that Thai transpeople face when they are disqualified for military service by labeling them as mentally ill. There has been a lawsuit filed, activism centered on the issue and changes to that policy are being discussed in the ‘Land of Smiles’. Because the birth records of Thai transwomen are not…

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Thai Transwomen No Longer Considered ‘Insane’ By Military

in Monica Roberts

While United States transpeople are gearing up for a battle to openly serve in the military long since won in other nations such as Canada, Israel, Spain, the Czech Republic and Australia, our Thai transsisters recently won one just to not be labeled insane by their military for being themselves. In Thailand all males starting…

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