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How Russian authorities will now process trans people

in Health/Politics

New procedures in Russia approved: activists say it could be worse, leaves intersex people with few options On 19 January 2018, Russian authorities approved a controversial Decree, defining the procedure of legal gender recognition (LGR). The possibility to change one’s gender marker existed in Russian legislation since 1997. Federal law N143 “On the acts of…

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Psychiatric abuse of transgender people: a case from Russia

in Opinion/Politics/Pop

The reality of trans pathologization in Russia By Yana Kirey-Sitnikova Note: The article contains descriptions of violence and involuntary medical treatment. Psychiatric treatment of transgender people has recently received attention in media and medical literature in response to strong international campaigns for depathologization, organized by transgender activists. The debates grew even stronger surrounding the drafting of…

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Boycott Putin’s Russian Winter Olympics #FreePussyRiot Balaclavas for everyone

in Kelli Busey

The growing parallels between Hitler and Putin’s charade duping world leaders, who are all to willing to pretend there was nothing so wrong with Nazism or Putin’s Anti LGBT laws that a Boycott of the Olympicswould have been necessary, is well, mind boggling. Nothing has changed, with the Olympic committee or world leaders who remain more…

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