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Gender Nation: Rape, Segregation, & Justice

in Gender Nation/Gwen Smith

Gender Nation is a bi-weekly column by Gwendolyn Ann Smith, the founder of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, reviewing news affecting the trans, intersex, and genderqueer community. Molesting & Raping Inmates as “Justice” A 52-year-old trans woman has filed a federal lawsuit against the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. The case cites harassment suffered by both guards…

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Transgender Woman Gang Raped In Moving Van In Mumbi

in Kelli Busey

Thursday morning three men kidnapped a transgender woman and raped her repeatedly between Kurla and Ghatkopar Mumbai India. They forced her into the van by threatening to kill her friends then began torturing and raping her over a three hour period before throwing her onto the street. Source The Indian Express: The victim said she…

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