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We need storytellers who are not cisgender men: why David Marcus’ views are misguided and misinformed

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In his latest piece for TheFederalist, arts writer David Marcus takes on what he believes to be a great injustice: the inclusion of trans people in a list of playwrights developed to demonstrate that perspectives beyond those of men actually do exist and are readily accessible. The list, a public google document titled “We Exist,”…

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“What’s Between Your Legs?” Is the New “So What Do You Do in Bed?”: Trans Issues In The Media

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By Cathy Renna @cathyrenna Possibly inspired by Laverne Cox and Orange is the New Black, I blurted out the title of this post at a recent panel about media coverage of transgender issues, as I was trying to put into context the quality of coverage of transgender issues today, as compared to gay and lesbian issues…

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Back In H-town From #LGBTMedia14

in Monica Roberts/Opinion

After another exciting weekend and destroying some Pappas barbecue to celebrate my safe airborne arrival at Hobby, I’m back from my trip inside the beltway for the 2014 edition of the LGBT Media Journalists Convening.  So what were my takeaways from this trip? That elements of the community have a serious beef with GLAAD on multiple…

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Jerry Springer exploits trans women for ratings, transmisogyny for profit strikes again

in Laurelai Bailey/Opinion

On February 19th an episode called “Tr*****s Twerk It Out” was broadcast on the Jerry Springer show, as we are all aware this show has a long history of making transgender women the object of disgust and disdain. To be perfectly fair, I didn’t watch the show, but the title says enough and its problematic…

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TERF supports anti-gay activist group

in Cristan Williams

Cathy Brennan, opinion leader in of the Trans Exclusionary RadFem movement has, chosen to side with the ex-gay organization, the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI):     Worse, Brennan volunteered to serve as the mouthpiece of the right wing anti-gay activist organization: PJI is the same group that filed a lawsuit to preserve gay conversion therapy. TERFs have…

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Daily Mail pulls story, Examiner prints retraction, Fox News keeps the lie going

in Cristan Williams

On Sunday, October 13, 2013 the Daily Mail published a story titled, Girls ‘harassed’ in school bathroom by transgender student told his rights trump their privacy, but pulled the article after it became apparent that the story fabricated. An early promoter of the lie was David McCaine at the Examiner:   On October 11, David ran with…

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