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Interview with LAUSD’s Judy Chiasson About AB1266 (Part 2)

in Autumn Sandeen/Interview

On Monday, January 13, I interviewed Judy Chiasson of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for a bit under an hour, and this post is the second segment posted of this interview. You may remember that Chiasson was the LAUSD representative who gave testimony before the California Senate Education Committee in June of 2013.…

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Eavesdrop on a right wing anti-trans training camp: teaching fear mongering and lies

in Cristan Williams/Featured/Politics

Recently, an equality effort in Florida was defeated by appealing to the ‘trans people = rape’ meme. As it turned out, appealing to this meme was deliberate and is, in fact, part of a curriculum currently being taught to anti-LGBT activists. The TransAdvocate obtained audio from one of the training sessions given by the Christian Family…

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Messaging On LGB&T Equality & Citizenship At San Diego TDOR March

in Autumn Sandeen/Community Activism

  This is imagery of the flags we paraded at the San Diego Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) march. Note we flew an American flag — shown in the center of the photo — to highlight trans people are Americans. The far right flag is the Transgender Pride flag that Monica Helms designed for the…

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Ask Matt: What is My Sexual Identity?

in Advice/Matt Kailey

A reader writes: “I am having issues determining my sexual identity since transition from female to male. Dating and having a relationship are things I consciously took off the table while I was in the early stages of transition. It is now three years into transition and the idea of having someone in my life…

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Thoughts On Chelsea Manning’s Coming Out

in Autumn Sandeen/Featured/Opinion

I have some thoughts on how Pvt. Chelsea Manning’s gender dysphoria was rolled out. Let me begin by saying I’m going to give, and I’m going to advocate for, respect for Manning’s chosen name and publicly embraced gender, and I’m going to use female pronouns and call her Chelsea. That; however, comes with a mixed…

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Dear Jennifer Usher, Please Do Keep Your Focus On Me

in Autumn Sandeen/Blog Watch/Featured

[alert type=”info”]Jennifer Usher posted up on her blog a post entitled Slacktivists? ROTFLLMAO!!!!! as a response to my recent Transadvocate post Transsexual Separatist Slacktivism Doesn’t Win Legislatively. I haven’t made it a habit of responding to her, but I am doing so this time — and personally to her at that.[/alert] Jennifer, I know I’m…

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