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Interview with Delta county “castration” school board member: turns out she’s linked to anti-LGBT groups

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Recently Katherine Svenson, a Delta county School Board member in Colorado, found herself the topic of controversy after remarking that trans kids should be castrated before they use the restroom. What news reports failed to note was that Svenson is the co-founder of an anti-gay ministry: Here’s some of what TellASIA spends its time doing: It so…

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A Community of the Heart: Intersectional feminist speech from San Antonio TDOR

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What follows is an amazing speech given by Graciela Sanchez on realizing liberation through building a “community of the heart.” Sanchez, a self-identified lesbian Latina queer spoke on the intersections of oppression and of social justice. This speech was taped by the TransAdvocate at the San Antonio, Texas Trans Day of Remembrance on November 21, 2013, held…

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Colleen Francis and the infamous Evergreen State College incident

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The mere mention of the incident should send shivers down your spine. Trans people who support protections based on gender identity should feel nervous when Colleen’s name is mentioned. If you’re trans, you should hope that this incident fades into the distance and is never brought up in polite conversations. For the uninitiated, here’s a…

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PodCast: Reviewing media bias and an interview on Swirl Radio

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In this podcast, I review the way in which the mainstream media has responded to the TWO right-wing hoaxes which spread the trans bathroom meme in mainstream media. Also, there’s a short interview I did for Swirl Radio – a Clear Channel radio show – and an excerpt from the radio interview that followed my…

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