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The Look, Interrupted: How Cinema Looks At Trans Women’s Bodies

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In the 2013 film Adult World, when cisgender protagonist Amy is cleaning the bathroom, she peers through a glory hole in the stall to see Rubia, a transgender woman, using the urinal. The sequence is constructed around Amy’s point-of-view: Whatever the filmmakers’ intentions, this is an excellent encapsulation of the cisgender gaze in cinema: a…

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The Rayon Effect: What Cisgender Actors Bring To Transgender Characters

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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, 2013 saw the release of Dallas Buyers Club, co-starring Jared Leto as a transgender woman named Rayon. Rayon is a rare entry into cinematic transgender canon, and she has sparked a firestorm of debate around trans representation in fiction. Beyond the criticism of the content of…

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