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Transgender Woman Repeatedly and Violently Assaulted in Long Island

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Recently I talked with a transgender woman, Ms. Dier, who was repeatedly assaulted by two employees of the Irish Times Pub in Holbrook, Suffolk County New York on the night of March 14, 2014.   She was with a group of friends and was asked for her identification by the establishment’s bouncer.  She complied with the…

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Adrien Lawyer of the Transgender Center of New Mexico Paves the way for Transgender People

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Adrien Lawyer found himself exploring his options in transitioning from his outwardly feminine appearance to presenting as male in 2004.  He says “I remember playing with the boy’s toys like guns and toy knifes when I was a kid.  I would dress up as a boy and do the things typical of what most boys…

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Transgender Woman Attacked in Astoria Queens

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By Jennifer Lopez On January 8th, 2014 a 30 year old transwoman whom wishes to remain anonymous for now, went to the Neptune Diner in Astoria Queens, New York City to eat an early morning meal with a friend.  Her friend, a 32 year old cisgender man, went to the restroom.  According to Deputy Inspector…

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